Sunday, July 17, 2011



Location: 3010 Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201

*Also in Dupont 

Awesome atmosphere, but, unfortunately, not as awesome food or service. When I walked into Circa I was immediately impressed with the modern decorthe bar area and the comfortable seating. Naturally, I was expecting the dining experience to rate quite well.

Circa burger with sweet potato fries 
The servers were unorganized from the get-go. It took awhile to get our drinks (even water) and we had to ask for refills and ketchup for our burgers and fries. The food wasn't bad; in fact, my burger was above average

However, I feel like I can get a delicious burger at a number of places. Two of the other people I was dining with ordered the personal lunch pizzas and were less than satisfied. The chicken on the pizza was dry and the flavor was bland. Not terrible, just not worth the price or calories. Overall, it simply wasn't something I would rave to my friends about.

BBQ chicken pizza

Last thought: I've heard a number of people say they enjoy Circa for happy hour. You can't really mess up a vodka tonic and, like I said, the atmosphere is pleasant so don't count out Circa completely. Maybe I'm just overly picky.

After the meal, I decided I wasn't planning a future visit anytime soon. That disappoints me because Circa has the atmosphere going for it. My suggestion: amp up the service and tweak the menu a bit, then you'll be in business. 
Overall rating: C

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