Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cafe Asia

Cafe Asia
Location: 1550 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22209-2435
Phone: (703) 469-1953

If you like Asian food, and want a causal, reasonably priced restaurant, then Cafe Asia is your place.

Cafe Asia offers a wide variety of Asian cuisine from sushi to pad tai. It may be one of the biggest restaurants I've been to in years. There were at least 100 people dining there for dinner! 

To be honest, the size of the restaurant was a bit overwhelming and it was difficult to fully enjoy my company because of the noise. (Perhaps it's not as crowded for lunch?)
Besides the loud noise, I didn't feel as though there was the chance for a personable dining experience. To the server, we were just another table. 

With that said, the waiter seemed to have trouble giving our party individual checks and did not have a spectacular attitude about doing it when we asked nicely. 

While Cafe Asia is a huge restaurant, there are only two bathroom stalls in the women's room, which I found to be odd and poor use of space. 

To sum up: good portion sizes for a very reasonable price:

Garlic chicken

For only $10, I split chicken lo mein with my friend. It was plenty for the two of us after having an appetizer. While the service wasn't great and the atmosphere wasn't anything special, I would go back to fulfill my asian food craving for a cheap price.

Also, the drinks were pretty cheap during happy hour. 

Overall rating: C+
Next time I might try the sushi!

Teriyaki chicken

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