Monday, June 27, 2011


Paolo's Ristorante 
"Traditional Italian made California Fresh"

Location: 1303 Wisconsin Avenue NW,
Washington D.C. 20007 (Georgetown)
*There is also a Paolo's in Reston

Paolo's Italian restaurant offers a fun, modern atmosphere for a happy hour get-together or a leisurely dinner with your significant other.

My friend and I decided to sit in the bar area because we didn't feel like waiting for a table outside. The wait on Saturday night without a reservation was about 25 minutes. Our table was a bit small, but absolutely fine for two people. Still, I would suggest reservations on the weekend. 

Breadsticks and hummus

The breadsticks and olive based hummus was a perfect way to start our meal. I was happy to see something a little different from the bland slices of bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

Whether you're craving pizza, pasta or a hearty salad, there are plenty of options on the menu. I'm a pasta person. I love seafood so I went for the crab pasta dish. It was good, but not great. Capellini pasta with a light pesto/basil sauce, roasted tomatoes, corn and of course lump crab meat. The crab was delicious, but the pasta was a bit bland. While the corn and tomatoes added a nice flavor, it seemed that something small was missing from the dish.

Pizza margarita and half of house salad
The pizza margarita was above average in all regards. Plenty for two people splitting or a great appetizer for a table of four. The other pizzas sounded just as mouthwatering.

The waitress was friendly and informative and our food came out in a timely manner. One thing I noticed was my friend's salad came out with her pizza. Usually, salad comes beforehand. Not a big deal--I just notice the small stuff. 
Prices were moderate. $14 for the pizza and $22 for the pasta entree. If you're looking for an Italian restaurant that's not too heavy then this is a good choice for dinner or drinks. There was a large group of 20-somethings enjoying happy hour before a night out in Georgetown. 

Overall rating: B
Paolo's wasn't life changing like Ris. I wouldn't suggest it for a special occasion or to a friend that was only going to be in D.C. for a night or two and wanted to experience somewhere unique and memorable. Nonetheless, it's still an above average restaurant. If you live in the area and often crave Italian, try it sometime. 

Paolo's menu 

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